Bagels vs. Bread

By Laila Barboza 

Bagels vs. bread? How can you choose? For some, it was harder than others. Bagels are bread, but they are as different as night and day. I interviewed a few names you might recognize and here are my findings.


Which side are you on Bagels or bread? 

  1. Mr. Evans: Bread. 
  2. Ms Leo: Bagels. 
  3. Ms. Smith: Bread, specifically sourdough.
  4. Mr. Joesten: Bread. 
  5. Sophomore Class President Coco: Bagels. 
  6. Cody Nunes (bystander): Both. 

What makes bread better than bagels ? Why explain

  • Mr. Evans: Bagels are too much, they are too big, too much variety.  Bread is easy to make a grilled cheese sandwich and it is hard to make grilled cheese with a bagel. 
  • Ms. Leo: Bagels are luffier and come in a better variety, more flavors, everything bagel from house of bagels. 
  • Ms. Smith: California has Sourdough bread, so it is not available everywhere (where originated?) Tennessee and Texas don’t get sourdough bread, they have to ship it in.
  • Mr. Joesten: Bread has more of a variety, while bagels are limited to a specific form.
  • Cody: Some days I feel like I want a bagel and sometimes I feel like I want a turkey sandwich.
  • Coco: Bagels are more flavorful and dense as you get full faster thicker and yummier

What are the best toppings for bread/bagels? 

  • Mr. Evans: Thin sliced Dave’s killer wheat bread with peanut butter and a sliced pickled onion. 
  • Ms Leo: Everything seasoned bagel with plain cream cheese.  
  • Mrs. Smith: Bread makes great sandwiches and amazing french toast. 
  • Mr. Joesten: Warm Sourdough Bread with butter. 
  • Cody: Garlic bread on french. 
  • Coco: Blueberry bagels with blueberry cream cheese. 

What’s better health-wise? Is this question relevant?

Mr Evans: Bread is healthier. Yes. 

Mrs. Leo:Bread is healthier. Yes. 

Ms. Smith:Either in moderation. Yes. 

Mr. Joesten: Yes because you have gluten free bread and with bagels, you are more limited. Bread has options. 

Any advice/ additional comments or information?

  • Mr. Evans: Enjoy the food you enjoy. Just because somebody doesn’t like it doesn’t mean you have to. Neither Bread or Bagels compare to Croissants. 
  • Ms. Leo:  Everyone should go try pumpkin bagels. House of bagels on Bascom Ave is the best in the area! Go visit Ms.Leos husband!
  • Ms. Smith: If you are going to get bagels, go to House of Bagels on Bascom! Abagel with turkey and swiss and add lettuce and veggies and sometimes pumpkin bagel special is the best thing you can get. Having a sourdough tuna sandwich add some lays bbq potato chips. 
  • Coco: Make sure your bagel is toasted, not too burnt and not too unburnt.Make sure it is not stale and have a nice get them at noahs or posh bagels. 

In conclusion,  I would like to make it a tie. Bread is like a vehicle. It’s all about what’s inside as opposed to the bagel, where  You can have 30 different kinds with the same filling and they will all be different, delicious and unique in their own way.