🅱️ ussin  🅱️ arry 

By Kendyl Brower and Sophia Christensen 

Tom Hirshfield’s baby brother, Barry (BBB for short) was born to make a big impact on Westmont. You might encounter Barry in room 58 with a book in hand, or during lunch when he’s binge eating broccoli on the benches. Buried in work and extracurriculars, BBB brings his bussin personality to LIFECrew, Captain of Parliamentary Speech and Debate, and Journalism. Be sure to say, “bello” and “bomb new haircut bruh!” to Barry if you see him in the halls. 


What even is that?


Just saying “beta” makes you beta.

Blood type?

A+ just like my grades.

Blueberries or burritos?

Blueberries fasho, they got my name in em.

Bagels or bread?

Bread— bagels are just an impersonation. 

Best barber shop?

Royal Shaving Parlour. 

Blondes or brunettes?

Ouuuu, brunettes for sure. 


He moved away this summer😭 . My day one, Orie Dagon.

Baby (Da) or Baby (Lil)?

Lil Baby. It’s not even close— I’m gonna catch him in Oakland in September!

Bussin breakfast?

Nah I don’t even eat breakfast.

Brains or brawns? 

Brains: we working on the brawns right now💪 .

Boston or Baltimore?

Boston baby! The Celtics up next💦 .

Basketball or baseball?

This isn’t even a question… basketball all the way.