Favorite Coffee Shops

By Emma Kidger

While getting back on the grind for this school year, finding the best coffee shops for afterschool relaxation or for a sacred study spot is key. Luckily, the bay area has thousands of delicious and cozy coffee shops so you don’t have to suffice with the average starbucks iced lattes.  Here are my top five favorite local coffee shops to serve your afterschool coffee cravings:

  1. Barefoot Coffee Roasters-  South Bascom Avenue (Campbell, CA)

Rated one of the best Silicon Valley cafes, Barefoot Coffee Roasters is one of my all time favorite coffee spots. Not only do they have delicious pastries, but also many nooks and crannies to find a cozy study spot. If coffee shops aren’t your go-to study places, you can take your Barefoot Coffee right over to the Campbell park. You can even bring your marvelous mocha and delicious danishes with you on a walk on the Los Gatos trail. Whatever your cup of tea (or coffee) is, barefoot coffee roasters offer delish snacks and drinks as well as a wide variety of study places to help you ease your way into the new school year. 

  1. Los Gatos Roasting Company- West Main Street ( Los Gatos, CA)

The Los Gatos Roasting Company, located only 15 minutes less from Westmont, offers a great location for an after school pick-me-up. Beginning during finals season, their live music will brighten your days full of preparing for big tests. Stopping by this fantastic coffee house for my favorite iced vanilla lattes or their new addition of homemade waffles will be the perfect ending to a long day of learning. You might even see some Westmont alumni making your drink!

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee Co.- 368 Santana Row (San Jose, CA)

The small chain, Blue Bottle Coffee Co, creates such a minimalist yet peaceful environment for an after school coffee. Began in the early 2000’s in Oakland, Blue Bottle can be spotted all over its sister city: San Francisco. If you ever stop by the city after a long week of school, be sure to stop by one of their alluring blue buildings. If driving through the bustling streets is not your style, just go over to Santana Row for a quick cold brew and a back to school shopping spree. 

  1. Verve Coffee Roasters- Pacific Avenue (Santa Cruz, CA)

Begun in Santa Cruz, the Verve strives to combine the owners passion to “roast our coffee on vintage roasters and enjoy the endless surf.” Although the trip is much further from school, the drive is worth it. As the school year begins and we try to soak up the last bits of the summer sun, stopping by the Verve Coffee Roasters for their vegan delights and locally brewed coffees and teas will make the trip worth wild. The aesthetically pleasing and chill environment creates the perfect stop after a day trip to Santa Cruz.   

  1. Joe and the Juice- University Avenue ( Palo Alto, CA)

Like Blue Bottle Roasting Company, Joe and the Juice can be found all around San Francisco and Palo Alto. With their wide variety of coffee, their well-known juices, plus theri gluten free snacks, it’s hard for me to pass up a trip to Joe and the Juice. The friendly baristas and lively music at every location always keep their customers coming back. I highly suggest trying their Turkey sandwich alongside your favorite coffee or the Stress Down juice. 

If you’re someone who also needs a pick me up on the weekends with long study breaks or after a day of school, coffee shops are the best place to wind down and reward yourself. I hope you enjoy the local coffee shops as much as I do! Some newer coffee shops that have just entered the competition (if you want something unheard of) include Big Mug Coffee roasters, Voltaire coffee roasters, and Voyager Craft Coffee, all located in San Jose.