Brain Food

By Jacqui McLean 

Now that many of us are heading back to campus for the 2021-2022 school year, we will for the first time in over a year, be having lunch on campus again. Instead of being able to walk to the pantry between classes, or ask mom to make you lunch, you will be brought to school for break and lunch. It has been awhile since many of us have needed to pack a school lunch so here are some tips and suggestions to get you started. 

1: Fruits and Veggies! 

Fruits and vegetables are great for both lunch and a snack. Not only do they have vitamins and fiber but they are also delicious and extremely easy to pack for lunch. Fruits like bananas and oranges already have their own packaging. Try to eat five servings of fruits during the day for optimal health. 

2: All Natural

Although a bag of chips may taste good and be easy to bring on the go, they do not make for good meals. While it is okay to have every once in a while, processed foods aren’t good for the body and will make you sluggish and craving more to eat. Instead, try a healthy alternative like dried fruit chips or nuts. 

3: Stay Hydrated! 

While it is extremely important to keep a balanced diet, it is even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Many of us forget to drink up during the day which leads to lethargic behavior and potential headaches and soreness. For optimal performance in the classroom, remember to bring a water bottle to school and stay hydrated. 

It is extremely important to have good food during the day to keep your body and mind engaged. Having balanced meals and plenty of fluids ensures a great start for succeeding in the classroom.