More Time to Spend

By Ryan Abbasi

I can’t believe four years has passed

I can’t believe it’s gone so fast

I can’t believe that we’re almost done

I can’t believe our new chapters have almost begun

I remember just entering class the first day

I remember having no clue what to say

I remember leaving overwhelmed after classes

I remember hating how slowly time passes

But today I look back and it’s all gone away

But today I look and now have nothing to see

But today I just end class and close my computer

But today I just wish things could be normal sooner

Thinking back I wish I could relive the fun that we had

Thinking back I think of crying tears of laughter during all the labs

Thinking back I remember lunch: laughing and eating

Thinking back I had no clue that time would be fleeting 

I don’t know if I would like to relive it again

I don’t know if it was all worth it in the end

I don’t know what my freshman self would think

I don’t know if I thought I would swim or just sink

But I know that it was four years that changed me

But I know that these four years sure have been crazy 

I loved it and will miss it all in the end

I just wish that there was more time to spend