As We Go On We Remember

By Ricky Thompson

Senior year will soon come to an end, marking the end of my high school career—obviously. With that being said, I guess now would be the time to reflect on what’s come and gone during my four year stint at Westmont High School. 

Firstly, I’d like to address my Freshman letter to myself in which just about everything didn’t go according to plan. He asked “How’s wrestling,” followed by “state yet” (my goal was to place top 3 in CCS and compete at the wrestling state tournament), to which I respond, CCS is cancelled due to COVID and all that, so, no. He also wondered if Fortnite was still around—kinda, if my grades were good—decent, how’s my love life… no comment, and so on. Also, my Freshman self advised me to listen to famous rapper Juice WRLD, little does he know what’s soon to regrettably come. Even though things didn’t go perfectly for me, I still am happy with how I turned out.

What else, well, my school life has been fun. Not too many notable events happened on school grounds, but I enjoyed the times I had with my friends, I guess. I apologize to my teachers—I cannot say that I retained a crazy amount of knowledge from a lot of my classes. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything out of class, I’ve definitely become a superior writer, although it may not shine here. I’ve matured, at least a little, and I’ve become better at working with others, quarantine may have regressed me in that aspect though. Still, I greatly appreciate the efforts of all my teachers that truly cared about their students.

To my wrestling coaches, not only Coach Flores, who generously gave four straight years  to my teammates and I, but also the kind and lively duo, Duc and Tony, thank you for everything. Of course I also appreciate the confidence and positive reinforcement I received from my cross country and track coaches. To my teammates, thank you for the support, encouragement, and bonds we built, I’d merely be a mediocre athlete without you all. Lastly to my friends and peers, thanks for accompanying me throughout these lackluster, yet enjoyable past four years.