Got Accessories?

By Elizabeth Flatley & Amelia Lipcsei 

From layered necklaces, beaded chokers, waist beads, anklets, claw clips, and all different types of rings, accessorizing seems like a difficult task when creating a fit due to how many options there are, how many things to layer and combine, and a bunch of other lingering possibilities. One of the best ways to spruce up your wardrobe and outfits is to add a few necklaces, a purse, and some rings to tie an outfit together. Because of the increasing temperatures in California, sunglasses are a go to thing with the harsh sun. Square, circular, chunky, and small, sunglasses are a special way to piece together and put a look together while keeping the sun out of your face. Another way to accessorize would be to combine a series of necklaces together to create a personal touch of your favorite necklaces. Mix together a nice pear necklace, a chunky gold chain, some small gold charm necklaces, and you are set! Adding rings to your day can turn around a whole look. Although rings are addictive in a way, they can look overwhelming or overcrowded if placed too close together. 

However, looking for good quality jewelry can often be a huge pain. Cheap pieces often oxidise or break over time, and many better quality places sell rings or earrings for over priced amounts. In my opinion, the two best stores to acquire long lasting and cheap jewelry are Target and Kohls. Although both of these stores do have some horribly crafted and cheap items, their sterling silver jewelry has become one of my favorites. Their rings all have incredibly detailed designs that don’t fade over time, and their necklaces always remain in pristine condition. When shopping from these businesses, make sure to read the labels and double check that the material is sterling silver. Otherwise, the quality of jewelry will be much worse if made from cheaper substances. Happy shopping!