Warrior Wardrobe: Peter Duncan

By Natasha Muller

Describe your style in three words:  My style in three words: Nike, Adidas, Casual

Who are your fashion icons?  My fashion icon is myself.

What is a go to item in your closet?  A go to item in my closet is any one of my 13 hoodies. I need to wear one everyday.

Where do you get your clothes from?  I usually get my clothes as gifts and I occasionally purchase some on my own.

What is a fashion trend you love?  I’m not really into trends, but if I see an ongoing trend that looks slick, then I might have to participate in it. 

What is a trend you hate? I can’t really name a trend I hate, but if there’s an ongoing trend that I just do not agree with, I might have to socially distance myself away from that trend.

What are some fashion tips you have?  Fashion tips I have are to not feel pressured to wear clothes that the majority of your peers are wearing. Wear what you want. Wear clothes that express who you are as a person, not your peers.