Warrior Wardrobe: Laura Gong

By Austin Lin

Describe your style in three words:  Adidas, Nike, casual.

Who are your fashion icons?  Ryan Abbasi. 

What is a go to item in your closet?  One of my huge zip-up hoodies—they literally go with everything. 

Where do you get your clothes from?  Zara, Urban, and occasionally Pacsun.

What is a fashion trend you love? I love picnic-y dresses!

What is a trend you hate? Low-rise jeans and tube tops are awful. I can’t imagine ever wearing something so uncomfortable that doesn’t even look good. 

What are some fashion tips you have? Buy clothes that you know will match with the rest of your wardrobe! It saves you time finding outfits, and you’ll actually end up wearing the clothes you buy instead of letting them all rot in the back of your closet.

IG Handle: @lauragonggg