Four No More!

Four No More!

By Isabella Brady

March 26th was a big day for Alexa, who turned five! Alexa was Birthday Friends club’s first birthday celebration, and was a great success! Representatives met with her family to make the big hand off, including a cake, grocery money, gifts, decorations and more! 

After careful consideration, Birthday Friends purchased a aquabeads and Barbie set, and received a stunning, handmade cake donated from a volunteer.

The board members reflect that the experience was so rewarding, Alexa’s happy face is truly priceless! Alexa even sent a video as a thank you to everyone who planned and executed the celebration, saying “thank you for the presents!”. The cake was definitely a favorite, as she later remarks “thank you for the cake –I really liked the cake!”. 

The club looks forward to planning more birthdays in the concluding months of spring semester, including one in late April for a boy who will turn 17!

Board members want to emphasize that if any student or family member at Westmont might need help celebrating an upcoming birthday (ages 2-18) or knows someone who does, feel free to contact them. This can be DMing them through their instagram account @bdayfriends.whs, or email the club President and club advisor (Ms. Verma) directly at and