Sweet Treats for Spring

By Jacqui McLean 

Desserts are great any time of the year, but there is something special about Spring desserts that make them my favorite. For starters, Spring desserts are by far the most vibrant and colorful. They also tend to have the most unique flavors, particularly using sour and sweet combinations and steering away from the traditional chocolate recipes. Although I will gladly devour most sweet treats, I have compiled a list of my Spring favorites that are a must try this season. 

First up, my all time favorite: lemon bars. If you are not a fan of light and creamy sour heaven then you will not be a fan of this dessert. The bright yellow bars scream Spring and the flavors perfectly complement the look. This dessert is typically cut into bite sized pieces, which makes it great for sharing. Bring this delicious sweet and sour beauty to an event, and you will instantly be a crowd favorite. Be sure to check out the recipe. 

Another dessert I cannot go without would definitely be fruit pizza. Stick with me on this one because it might sound a little weird. Instead of having tomato sauce and cheese on your pizza why not sweeten it up with whipped cream and fruit. Obviously the pizza crust is modified for this alteration. By turning dinner into dessert, bake a large sugar cookie using a recipe of your choice. Once it is cooled simply frost it with whipped cream and top with your favorite fruit; I personally love strawberries and mango. Slice it like a pizza and you’re ready to go. This unique take on dessert is bright and perfect for Spring. 

Last but not least, a classic: strawberry shortcake. This simple yet delicious dessert is great for when you are in a pinch or can’t decide what dessert to go with. It only takes strawberries, cake, and whipped cream. I like to use a butter pound cake and slice it into individual pieces. Pound cake tends to be more moist and smooth, making for a better overall dessert. In addition to a moist cake, the strawberries must be sweet and juicy or the dessert is ruined. I personally think that strawberry shortcake can only be made with homemade whipped cream. It is simply so much better than store bought and doesn’t leave a greasy aftertaste. Next time you are in the mood for a treat, strawberry shortcake can fill the void.