Homeless? Then Get a Home!

By Melusine Ariente

Homelessness is one of the biggest problems in the United States currently. Those who are homeless and homeless sympathizers claim, “The low minimum wage, cost of living, debts, and financial misfortune cause homelessness and we must help to fix it! We need the government’s help! These people are surviving with less than the basic necessities!” Oh boohoo! The government, the one who is supposed to protect and help provide for the well-being of its citizens doesn’t even want to try to even dip their pinky into the problem that is homelessness, so why should we? Let’s leave it to the homeless to fix their own issue! If they got themselves in this situation then they should be able to get themselves out!

How hard can it be? Look presentable, get interviewed, get a job, make money, and get a house. It’s not as if you can’t wash up, get dressed in a fresh pair of clothes daily, have accessible transportation to go to work, and then make money that will be sent to your bank account. Oh wait! You don’t have an accessible place where you can get ready? Or enough clothing that you can have a freshly washed set every day? Or an address that you can provide to your work and bank so that they can meet federal regulations? Well too bad! You should have thought of that before you got yourself into this predicament. 

The one solution you liberals and goody two shoes samaritans have is for the government to help the homeless. But look what happened when the government handled the pandemic. When the government is left to help, it just leaves more people homeless! All you sympathizers say is to build more shelters and subsidize them! Rehabilitate those who need it! Doing this will just let those homeless buffoons live lavishly in housing that they did nothing to get besides being lazy! Clearly you cannot rely on the government or other’s solutions to fix your own issues! It is not the average citizen or government’s fault that people become homeless, even if it is the government’s job to care for the well-being of its citizens. But alas, all you babies do is cry to those who you wish to be! 

Instead of handing the poor veteran on the side of the street a crisp twenty that he will sparingly use for the whole month, I say go up to him and tell him to get a job! Heck, get two jobs!  Why cry at this opportune moment of homelessness when this predicament will act as a motivator and allow you to work hard, make money, and get a home with no assistance from others? What would you do to undo your homelessness? Get a home!