Frog Skateboards

By Austin Lin

Established in 2015 by Vans associate Chris Milie and Stussy collaborator Jesse Alba, Frog Skateboards is a skatewear brand which draws creativity from wherever they see fit The New York City based Frog Skateboards’ charms come from their cute and simplistic designs, designs which you might believe your 3-year old niece drew. Establishing their dominance as a skatewear brand, Frog collaborated with fellow NYC-based streetwear brand, NOAH, in 2018 in addition to their well-known collaboration with Nike in 2019, creating the ever so popular Frog Skateboards Nike SB Blazers. As the shoes caught more traction in the media, streetwear enthusiasts began reselling the sneakers for a higher price to reap profits from the hype. Understandably however, many skateboarders were upset that they were paying inflated prices for their beloved skate shoes, but I digress. More recently however, Frog collaborated with established skatewear brand, Vans, designing two sneakers each with their individual charms. All in all, Frog Skateboards is a great skatewear brand I am really fond of, with its quirky and individualistic designs, I’m always eager to see what Frog will be releasing next.