Trevor Gorji

By Austin Lin

Trevor Gorji, the founder of “Fugazi Amici” is an individual I look to for fashion inspiration. I first found out about Trevor from YouTuber’s Jacob Wallace and Fernando Rangel. (Who I’ve written previous articles about.) I soon followed his instagram and was instantly attracted to his style. A simple and clean yet affordable style made his instagram content refreshing and easy to relate to. Moreover, his brand “Fugazi Amici” was an up and coming brand and soon gained traction as his Jordan 1 inspired “One in the Chambers” caught the eye of many. The attention he garnered brought even more attention to his sub-brand of “Fugazi-Amici,” “North Korea Skate Team.” A satirical jab at the North Korean dictator, using his name to poke fun at the sensitive subject while contrasting it by naming the skate team. Gorji recently had a drop on January 13th which I didn’t hesitate to pick up a few pieces from.