Anything Goes Review

By Makenna Adams

YouTuber, fashion icon, and teen idol—Emma Chamberlain has been dominating social media since her rise to fame in 2017. Emma began her YouTube channel at the end of her sophomore year in high school, where she chronicled the adventures she embarked on in her daily life. Immediately, her outgoing personality amassed a large following of eager viewers. Her followers fell in love with her vlogs, where she treated her camera like she was on FaceTime with a good friend; naturally personable, Emma and her vlogs have entertained and comforted teens since she first started uploading them. Furthermore, as she brought viewers to places like thrift stores showed her everyday life as a Bay Area girl, she emerged as the internet’s first “relatable” YouTuber. Her content and unique editing style has been emulated by lifestyle influencers ever since.

Emma has continued to foster a sense of community among her followers on her podcast, Anything Goes. Like in her vlogs, Emma shares stories with ease, effortlessly weaving in humor and captivating anecdotes. Yet she she also conveys through her stories valuable lessons that she has obtained, growing up on and off-line.

Among many things, I admire Emma for being awareness to mental health struggles many teenagers face. She vocalizes her own challenges with mental health on her podcast, and has worked toward normalizing the notion that one does not have to feel their best 100% of the time. Effectively, Emma encourages discussions about topics like anxiety and depression and has offered many teens insight on how to manage their mental health.

If you are looking for a friend online, check out Emma Chamberlain, on YouTube or through her podcast, Anything Goes.