No Nuts About Us

Isabella Brady

Affecting 1.1% percent of the population, roughly three million Americans, peanut and tree nut allergies are a global issue. However, with no definite cure, individuals with nut allergies must carefully navigate grocery stores or online shopping, purchasing products from brands they trust; although these online labels are not as accurate when defining potential allergens compared with physical deliveries. No Nuts About Us is an e-store in Canada which addresses many of these obstacles, caused by both COVID-19 and allergens. 

Founded by Elly Ward, the e-store provides products from facilities without peanuts or tree nuts; ensured through necessary precautions, including communication from manufacturers and questionnaires which confirm that the manufacturers’ facilities lack nuts for six consecutive months. An allergy mom herself, Ward advocates for the safety of communities through elimination of food, beverages, and other products  containing nuts (candy, snacks, gum, mints, vitamins, chocolates, , hair care products, makeup, and skin care products), also ensuring their sale at relatively low prices. While the presence of nuts in skin and hair care products, and makeup may seem a surprising and unrealistic, a disconcerting amount of lotions and similar products use pecans, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, sesame, brazil nuts and shea in their products with unclear labeling of these allergens. As a new customer of No Nuts About Us, I have tried only a couple of products, finding a relieving success in shipping, and labeling with every item. Using a gift certificate from a friend, I tried the chocolate covered pretzels (first time!) which I highly recommend as a product immensely difficult to find on the shelf at your local grocery store. For more information, or to shop online click here. Overall, I highly recommend No Nuts About Us to anyone with nut allergies, or anyone seeking to help educate themselves about allergies through the helpful blog found here.