Return of Sports

By Olivia Pocat

Towards the end of 2020, sports started to make a slight comeback as seasons were finalized. However, many are still not sure if this will lead to a permanent return of sports in 2021. The eventual decrease in Covid-19 cases was met with socialization among many individuals overturning the positive news and resulting with an increase  in cases again. Covid can be predictable if social distancing guidelines and other necessary guidelines such as wearing a mask can eliminate 99% of the risk of contracting the virus. However, many people aren’t following the guidelines, and many people and athletes are affected. 

To make enough revenue, sports leagues will need to have full seasons in 2021, but that might be a problem. An additional issue resides: the lack of fans attending games, causing further financial strain on sports teams and owners. Even though some college football stadiums are now housing fans, the precautions taken might not be enough to reduce the risk of Covid. Many teams have had to lay off employees in large numbers. If sports seasons are cancelled or shortened, TV programs which broadcast many sports events networks will also lose needed revenue. 

If sport teams  allow a larger number of fans to attend games, or if  sport leagues decide to have full seasons, the amount of Covid cases could rise, postponing sports even longer.