Far Too Early NBA Rankings

By Ricky Thompson

  1. Los Angeles Lakers- LeBum is okay, but the Laker’s real stars are their offseason pickups, Marc Gasol and recent 6th man of the year Montrezl Harrell; Anthony Davis also helps.
  2. Milwaukee Bucks- Giannis just had a slump in the last playoff series, although it basically didn’t count in the context of  the  COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, “Greek Freak”>anyone else in the league.
  3. Golden State Warriors- Gained a much needed center in promising rookie James Wiseman, now possess a healthy Steph Curry, along with Andrew Wiggins who will hopefully not disappoint, and don’t forget Kelly Oubre Jr. <3. If Klay Thompson was healthy they’d be #1.
  4. Los Angeles Clippers- Paul George is just too cold, as in he can’t score, yet the Clippers are still going strong. Although the Clippers lost Montrezl Harrell, their addition of  Serge Ibaka and retention of Kawhi Leonard should lead to a steady season.
  5. Denver Nuggets- Jamal Murray proved his worth in the former playoffs with one of the best playoff performances in history. Nikola Jokic remains a top center in the league and the Nuggets young core which includes  Michael Porter Jr. and Bol Bol will fuel a great season.
  6. Philadelphia 76ers- I do not trust the process. Embiid will continue to get injured and Ben Simmons will refrain from shooting threes. This team will consistently be a top tier team but through all their constraints, they won’t make it far.
  7. Dallas Mavericks- Losing Steph’s brother (Seth Curry) was a detrimental blow to the Dallas Mavericks as he was a key perimeter scorer. However, Luka will continue to improve and lead as a top 3 player in the league. A healthy Kristaps Porzingis would make this team great, but that isn’t a 100% guarantee. 
  8. Miami Heat- The Heat is without a doubt the most exciting team in the NBA. With that said, their great young squad in Herro, Robinson, and mainly Bam Adebayo, is just that– too young. This team can’t yet beat the super teams in the NBA.
  9. Brooklyn Nets- If Kyrie and KD can stay healthy, this team would be much higher on the list. The Nets have the best scorer in the NBA with KD and a top tier playmaker in Kyrie, making it impossible for them to be lower, yet we haven’t yet seen what they are capable of.
  10. Boston Celtics- Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been performing elitely under a great point guard in Kemba Walker. This is a quality team that has the potential to go far or potentially underperform.
  11. Phoenix Suns- Gained a top point guard in the league who will be very successful in aiding the already talented Devin Booker. Deandre Ayton will now not be out for the whole season since the NBA no longer drug tests.
  12. Portland Trail Blazers-The Trail Blazers have a solid bench to backup the Curry impersonator, Damian Lilliard, and washed Carmelo Anthony. If CJ McCollum performs well this team will make it far.
  13. Houston Rockets- Taking in John Wall with his injury risks was a questionable move. They could potentially end up as a limited team with no potential, merely an above average team led by Harden’s crazy skill.
  14. Washington Wizards- The Wizards are a deep team that will not necessarily need to rely on Westbrook and Beal and rather work off their abilities to score. 
  15. Utah Jazz- Rudy Gobert should be the MVP as he stopped the entire NBA for months. Donovan Mitchell obviously confirmed his greatness as he rivaled Jamal Murray’s playoff performance. However, the star that will lead this team to greatness is none other than Mr. Joe Ingles.
  16. Indiana Pacers-The pacers are an underrated team with the enormously underrated Domantas Sabonis and somewhat overrated Malcolm Brogdon. If Victor Oladipo remains healthy and plays to his potential, they will be a playoff team and possible contenders. 
  17. Atlanta Hawks- The Hawks acquired Rajon Rondo and Danilo Galinari in the offseason which vastly increased their chances of being a playoff contender.
  18. Toronto Raptors- Drake (Freddy VanVleet), literal Drake, Spicy P (Pascal Siakam), and Kyle Lowry are all solid to aiding Toronto, however without Serge Ibaka they are definitely not good enough anymore.
  19. San Antonio Spurs- People hate on DeMar Derozan for no reason, you know he had depression right 🙁 Don’t worry DeMar, I still think you are good. As famous artist Kyle once said, “I am just like Derozan, when I shoot it it goes in.”
  20. New Orleans Pelicans- Zion Williamson is getting a little bit too big for his own good. Therefore, I just don’t know if this injury prone man is as promising as people make him out to be. Their saving grace is Lonzo Ball, which just might not be enough sadly.
  21. Orlando Magic- Nikola Vucevic is one of the most underrated players in the NBA JUST because his chin is so huge. *Shaking my head.* Also, Aaron Gordon dunked over Tacko Fall which must mean something.
  22. Memphis Grizzlies- Yeah! Ja Morant! ROTY!
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves- As Leon Belman would irrefutably say, “Karl-Anthony Towns scored more 3s in a singular season than Larry Bird did in his entire career.” I can’t beat that logic, but they’re still trash.
  24. Charlotte Hornets- Lavar vs. MJ up next…
  25. Sacramento Kings- They have that one fast guy who is not better than Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox and Donkey from Shrek (Buddy Hield) who are both great, yet this team won’t go anywhere.
  26. Chicago Bulls- Zach Lavine is, in my opinion, a top 15 player in the league. The rest of the roster is not too great though, I mean there is the Chris Smoove impersonator, Wendell Carter Jr., who is solid.
  27. Detroit Pistons- No cap, Liangelo Ball might propel this team to #1, too early to say though.
  28. New York Knicks- Mitchell Robinson is good?
  29. Oklahoma City Thunder- I don’t even know if they have a full roster. Gilgeous-Alexander and who else?
  30. Cleveland Cavaliers- Trash.