LIFE Crew on the Track

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By Kendyl Brower (aka Special K) 

Call me Kanye West cause you know i’m a candidate

Any zoom call, yuh LIFE Crew, we can handle it

Will so cool, yeah we call it Will Crew

He hangs out with freshies, get the bag, he in the stu 

Will stays humble, all the way from Catalonia

Rhymes so sick, call the doctor it’s pneumonia 

Kayla on the beat and yeah she brings the heat

We call her lil boat because she always got the fleet

Scoring goals left and right, some say she’s like Messi

So nice to the freshmen like a nanny, Jessie

When I grow up, I wanna be like Meriem 

Beat goes so crazy it’s causing some delirium 

Working all night for LIFE Crew, she’s so wearisome

Balances her time, you know it’s equilibrium 

Reiko stay fresh, like the produce in the veggie aisle 

So sweet to all her peers yeah you know you wanna stay awhile

Chilling with Reiko and you know she gonna make you smile

Playing basketball like a champ… Warrior style

Au$tin got the computer skills call it tech support

Making breakout rooms like it’s an Olympic sport

Yeah he in AP Physics, just like Einstein 

Flow so scary sending shivers down your spine

Lastly, we got Special K, Kendyl, Killer Kay

Rap flow in my blood, all up in my DNA

Guess who keeps it real, yup it’s LIFE crew

You know we are the best, and may the frosh be with you!