Winter Watchlist

By Ricky Thompson 

In light of the Holiday season, here are some great movies to watch to not lose the winter spirit. 

Home Alone 6.5/10

Unpopular opinion. I didn’t like Home Alone, it’s not really that funny and the main character, Kevin McCallaster, is just annoying.

Elf 8/10

Will Farrell has not lost his appeal. Elf is still funny and entertaining, while boasting some good morals.

Love Actually 9/10

This romcom fits its role well. You get attached to the characters, feeling a wide range of emotions for them– from embarrassment or happiness. It wasn’t too serious and the comedy lightened the mood.

Die Hard 7/10

As far as action movies go, this is not the best. I’m sorry to any oldheads that I offend, but Die Hard doesn’t exactly hold up. For its time, I understand why it was so popular, and even is to this day. The interesting characters and comical dialogue in some scenes proves its worth as a classic “Christmas” movie.

Ice Age 10/10

It has “Ice” in the title therefore it qualifies as a winter movie. Ice Age is home to many renowned characters such as the legendary Scrat and Sid the Sloth. On top of its comedic genius, this movie follows the hero’s journey perfectly.