Hybrid Learning Updates

By Natasha Muller
Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19 and spikes in cases, it looks like we will not be coming back to school this semester at first.  The plan to expand in-person services at school will take place in phases.  In Level 1, instruction will continue to be provided through distance learning only.  In mid-late January, a meeting will take place, where the Trustees will consider local conditions and determine whether or not to initiate Level 2.  In Level 2, instruction will still be provided through distance learning, but greater numbers of staff will return to campuses possibly to expand students’ opportunities for in-person support, including academic tutoring, grade recovery, and activities.  If the conditions do not allow for the move to Level 2 at that time, then the Board of Trustees will set a date to reconsider a later move to Level 2.