Dear TikTok

TikTok | LinkedIn

by Kendyl Brower

Dear Tik Tok, 

It’s not me, it’s you.

Really, I loved the memories we shared

The videos from @nmillz1 and @bigballerclaire 

But Tik Tok, this relationship is getting toxic  

My screen time rises, the algorithm hypnotic 

During class you always draw me away 

I begin to scroll, avoid my essay 

Five to six hours, it feels like minutes 

Mindlessly swiping, laughing at snippets 

The for you page is a drug; I am no longer under your spell 

Goodbye Tik Tok, begone! farewell!

I am breaking up with you Tik Tok, this is it

I’m done with your games, that’s it, I quit!  

(Please do not go, I hope we can make up, 

I’ll be back on the app right after this breakup)