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By Austin Lin

My grades are long gone, I should probably call up (Salman) Khan 

I’m working till dawn, you could probably call me John 

You better keep an eye on me, spewing all that irony 

 Keep up your insincerity, I’m carrying all the prosperity

All these people around me treat me like a star

Dressed like I don’t care, but I be balling like LaVar

Saying I forgot my roots, you really went too far   

I be typing up my (college) apps, tapping my space bar 

Asking me these questions like “who you really are” 

Making all these choices hope, I’m on their radar 

I really miss “Fresh Choice” they had a crazy salad bar

To be honest I’m really subpar, people don’t know I can’t even drive a car 

But they’re still following me like I’m the North Star