Add it On!

By Kendyl Brower

The quickest way to elevate any plain outfit is with bold accessories. Personally, I love to buy basics (solid colored shirts, simple pants) then layer on statement pieces to add character to a bland look. Here are my favorite elements to add to any outfit to boost your style!

1. Funky jewelry: Adding large earrings, layering chains, or stacking tons of rings makes your outfit appear much more complex. Stick to minimalistic pieces if you want a more mature, sleek look and layer them up if you want a hippie or edgy look. 

2. Hair Accessories: Headbands and clips are timeless! Adding simple embellishments to your hair will bring more intricate details to any look. 

3. Scarves: A super trendy and versatile way to spice up an outfit is with scarves. You can wear them as a headband, head scarf, necklace, or even as a shirt. Scarves are also a great way to add a fun pattern or pop of color to your look. 

4. Bold shoes: Shoes can make or break your fit. Adding a chunky shoe or bold color can really elevate an outfit and even give you height! As well, they can totally change the mood of your look— black platforms can add a grunge twist to a girly dress and cute heels can dress up a more casual fit.

5. Bags: Tote bags and small purses are super trendy and practical. Using one of these adorable bags will definitely add another layer of fun, especially if you play around with color and texture.