2020 Fashion Review

By Lindsay Der

A wild roller coaster of a year, 2020 was more difficult than most, and I’m sure you are not eager to relive those stressful times. Still, 2020 provided us with some amazing fashion moments. Why don’t we take a look through this year’s fashion, and take a much deserved break to relax and see what fashion has brought us during this insane year?

1. Starting off with the style that completely overtook teenage girls this year, we have the “Pinterest Girl.” Popularized on Pinterest, of course, and by influencer Emma Chamberlain, the look features sweater vests, tennis skirts, thin sunglasses, and lots of layering. Feminine and soft, the style blew up on style boards all over Pinterest, before making its way to the masses of teenaged girls on Tiktok.

2. Another trend popularized by Tiktok this year was the movement away from fast fashion. The last few years, internet teens have been saving the environment by targeting and condemning people for their non-environmentally friendly choices. This time, their target was fast fashion– especially brands like Shein and Romwe. You can read here about the detriments of fast fashion. In lieu of supporting the fast fashion industry, people took to buying second hand and vintage clothing. Thrifting, despite being popular for a few years now, has been the retail alternative for many teens this year. Purchasing pre-owned clothing has been the environmentally conscious and more affordable way to shop during 2020.

3. Comfortable clothing has seen a rise in popularity this year, due to the pandemic. As we are trapped inside our homes for almost all hours of the day, loungewear has become a reasonable investment. Style does not have to be sacrificed for comfort, however. Cute and comfy basics, like tank tops or sweatshirts, have been great additions to many peoples’ closets, worn to lay in bed during a Zoom or layered with more intricate pieces for a cute night-in outfit.

4. Style icon of the year: Harry Styles. He is a trailblazing, tastemaking style god. His fashion-forward style sets new standards for everyone in the fashion world. Styles is certainly not the first to step out the bounds of society’s idea of masculinity in clothing. Still, Styles’ very public fashion sense helps combat a harmful stigma around clothing for men and normalizes wearing the clothes you want to wear, not what others want you to. An entire generation of young boys will grow up under Harry Styles’ fashion reign as he sets the stage for fashion icons to come.