The Best Hot Chocolate Mixes!

By Amelia Lipcsei 

With the chilly winter months upon us, a perfect cup of hot chocolate becomes a winter necessity. Unfortunately, some hot chocolate mixes simply lack the feeling of warmth and cheer that we all crave when we take a sip out of our winter mugs. As a hot-chocolate enthusiast myself, I’ve endured the pain of tasting multiple cups of blandness. Thus, with great care, I’ve prepared a list of the top three hot chocolate mixes for this winter season. Enjoy!

In the number three spot I have 365 Organic Hot Cocoa. Unlike other mixes that I have tasted, 365’s hot chocolate mix provides a thick and creamy texture with a marshmallow aftertaste. The mix produces a cup of hot chocolate that has a beautiful dark color. Hints of marshmallow and peppermint flavors shine through the dark base to create a delicious cup. A darker chocolate mix, 365 has a rich and luscious texture that creates a perfect balance of sweet and milky flavors! 

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix takes the number two spot on my list. A classic mix, Swiss Miss provides a creamy and delectable flavor that feels almost impossible to find in other hot chocolate mixes. The milkiness and the chocolate fuse together into a perfect combination and texture. When I take a sip, the sugary chocolate melts into my mouth and creates a balance of velvety and smooth. The nostalgia that comes with a sip of this mix takes me back to the carefreeness of my childhood. One of my all time favorite mixes for getting in the holiday spirit, Swiss Milk truly makes a great cup of hot chocolate.

Finally, my favorite hot chocolate, Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix, takes the number one spot on my list. A combination of peppermint, dark chocolate bits, and milk chocolate, this mix contains the perfect blend of flavors. The hint of candy cane flavor shines through the delectable creamy base to create a harmonious sweetness. Small chunks of dark chocolate lay throughout the mix, melting when they reach your mouth. Personally, I have yet to find a hot chocolate mix as perfect as this one. If you are searching for a mix that will truly get you into the winter spirit, I strongly recommend trying the Trader Joe’s one!