Surplus Stores

By Austin Lin  

When you think of affordable and trendy fashion, surplus stores are definitely not the first type of retailer that comes to mind. Surplus stores offer a wide variety of United States military surplus products, ranging from army fatigue pants to Army liners. The U.S. Military offers some of the most unique and functional items from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. As the name implies, surplus stores or rather military surplus stores, sell products from the U.S. Military that are usually unused or unneeded. Oftentimes,  the industrial excess produced is given to the regular marketplace for extremely affordable prices. The prices are impossible to beat when compared side by side with products of the same quality. A website I personally use to shop for such products is, “” My favorite form of stress relief is retail therapy, which has led me to make some worthwhile purchases from the retailer. The “Night Desert Pants” are lightweight and comfortable, making them the perfect pants to wear at home. I even doubled up to make one into a pair of shorts. Another purchase was the “M65 Army Liner,” perfect as a light coat during fall and a good layering piece during winter. Overall, I highly recommend taking a chance with Army surplus stores. The affordability, great quality, and stylish options make it a perfect place to experiment with something new.