Are Concerts Returning?

By Barry Hirshfeld

The return of sports and various other enjoyable pastimes during the pandemic cause many to question the current status of live entertainment, specifically, concerts. Health experts classified live shows as one of the most risky activities for spreading and succumbing to the virus, which people fear will reemerge in the form of a second wave; although, through the use of multiple restrictions, concerts will evidently make a surprising comeback in the near future!

The beginning of the fall season marks the official return of concerts in the U.S. Accommodations making live shows (indoor and outdoor venues alike) viable during the pandemic include: limiting seating or audience capacity, removing high-touch amenities such as bar service and food stands, temperature checks upon entrance, and mandating the wearing of masks for audience members and employees of the venue. The location of these venues may vary, as artists perform at: drive-ins, parking lots, farms, distanced pods in fields, and occasionally traditional indoor locales.

Music fans currently await the highly anticipated return of live performances, and will continually benefit from their comeback as long as the events are met with the necessary safety precautions to ensure the health of the people and prevent the spread of the virus.