Alec Benjamin

By Adam Sarsfield

With Alec Benjamin releasing his studio album “These Two Windows”, Alec has gotten a lot of fame recently with his amazing natural voice and well-written lyrics. Starting out his career in 2013, Alec Benjamin has been steadily growing ever since. With around 3,000,000 subscribers on Youtube and 12,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Alec has made a name for himself in the business. Alec was born in Phoenix, Arizona but spent the beginning of his elementary career in Long Island. He has not released much personal information about his early life and before his fame; however, he has revealed that he has a sister and actually wrote a song for her which was called “If we have each other.” Listening to the lyrics one can tell that the song is talking about sticking by someone as long as you live. Alec also grew to fame by going around Los Angeles in a skit he calls “Can I sing for you” and sings to random people on the street.