California Chaos

By Nick Murray

For the past month California has faced struggle after struggle, including the most Covid-19 cases of any state, record breaking heat, and lightning strikes leading to some of the largest wildfires in California history. With Covid-19 cases topping 720,000, California already has its hands full. However, as people begin to venture outdoors, California experienced its hottest temperatures to date with Death Valley reaching a record breaking temperature of 130℉.  However, record breaking heat was not all. Shortly thereafter, parts of Northern California experienced lightning strikes leading to the SCU Lighting Complex Fire which scorched 391,000 acres, as well as the 375,000 acre LNU Lightning Complex Fire. As of September 3, the SCU Lightning Complex Fire is 76% contained while the LNU Lighting Complex Fire is 78% contained. All told, California is experiencing very trying times as people struggle financially, physically, and mentally to cope with the events unfolding before them.