Why Harry Styles is Amazing

By Makenna Adams

Harry Styles is amazing. There are many ways to say it, but I often think the best way to say something is to say it simply. So, to make it known to all: Harry Styles is amazing, and here is why I admire him.

When people make it big, they often don’t know what to do with themselves. At best, they remain humble and appreciative of all those who contributed to their success; at worst, they are drowned by the expenses of wealth and fame their careers bring them. Epic celebrity downfalls have been witnessed time and time again throughout the history of pop culture. Yet Harry Styles, who stands second on the list of wealthiest young (aged 30 or under) male UK singers, has remained admirably grounded, appreciative, and grateful for his success. He also shows respect for the artists who came before him, giving them credit for song or style inspiration where it is due. One of the most significant examples of this is in how he regards Stevie Nicks, who he has, on multiple occasions, said is his biggest inspiration. When Harry presented Ms. Nicks her award at her induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, he gave an impressive speech in her honor. On various occasions, Harry has performed with Stevie Nicks, each time expressing his gratitude for getting to sing on stage alongside her. 

 Tirelessly, Harry Shows his gratitude for his fans; one of the most admirable ways in which he does this is by taking care of his fans at shows. Videos taken by fans show Harry stopping his performance when he notices something strange in the audience, to make sure that the fan is fine or gets assistance. When meeting fans, both at shows and in real life, Harry takes time to get to know them, (always excited to know their story), and, when taking pictures, he makes sure the fans are happy with the way they turn out.

Carrying this same compassionate strength to other aspects of his tour as well, Harry raised money for different charities from his Live on Tour shows, which took place from September 2017 to July of 2018. Collectively, Harry raised 1.2 million dollars for charity, which he donated to 62 different charities around the world. One charity he donated to was Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, based here in San Jose, and which “exists to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and support their families in the challenges they face.”

Harry Styles also shows support regularly for the LGBTQ+ community. At practically every show, Harry has danced on stage with pride flags or drawn positive attention to flags that fans bring. Here in San Jose, he helped a fan come out to her mom in the middle of the show. He also shows his support on social media to his 30.4 million Instagram followers. 

Similarly, Harry Styles has shown support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. On one of his electric guitars that he plays on stage, he adhered a Black Lives Matter sticker, and often brings attention to the movement on his social media. In a May 30 Instagram post, Harry wrote “Being not racist is not enough, we must be anti-racist. Social change is enacted when a society mobilizes. I stand in solidarity with all of those protesting. I’m donating to help post bail for arrested organizers,” and encouraged fans to “Look inwards, educate yourself and others…LISTEN, READ, SHARE, DONATE and VOTE.” 

“Treat People With Kindness” is Harry’s motto for life. This phrase is so important to him that on his most recent album, Fine Line, he devoted an entire song to it. Through random acts of kindness—tipping a bartender $2,020 on New Years Eve, delivering over $1,000 worth of pizzas he paid for out of pocket to homeless people around LA, donating his hair after growing it out for several years—Harry shows that he values kindness, not just for his image, but because he truly believes in bettering the lives of others. Harry inspires individuals to be comfortable and confident in who they are, and for that, I am very grateful. Thanks, Harry!