Online School Advice

By Madi Zanardelli 

For many of you, myself included, online schooling is not the most ideal way of learning, but like it or not, virtual classrooms are our future, at least for the first semester. Over the summer, I took an online course that used many of the online applications our teachers will use, so here are some tips that helped me transition to online learning. I hope they will help you too! 

  1. First, you should get out of bed and get dressed. Trying to keep some sense of structure and normalcy will help you establish  the right mindset to learn. 
  2. You should create your own workspace. It’s important to have an area that is free from distractions. Having this designated space will help you separate school time and your time while you are stuck at home. 
  3. I would recommend making a schedule or a loose plan of meals and snacks so you don’t end up snacking all day or eating full meals during class. This will help you to work more efficiently throughout the day and would give you necessary breaks. 
  4. Speaking of breaks, make sure you reward yourself after you work all day. Try to unwind without a screen at the end of the day.   We aren’t used to staring at a screen all day and it can cause eye strain and headaches (I speak from experience). Going outside is a great way to relax your eyes and to get some much-needed vitamin D!
  5. Eat lots of chocolate. It’s amazing and you deserve it! (If chocolate is not available, any type of candy will suffice).

Working online is not the end of the world; It is a big adjustment, but your teachers and you are going through this challenge together. Make the most of this year and the new experiences that it will bring.