Songs of Westmont 9, 2022


“Over the course of freshman year, I started learning a lot more about international politics and diplomacy, finding a keen interest in linguistics. Through these interests, I developed a love for Nordic culture. I feel as if their way of governance and attitude towards life is the prime example that the world should follow. My interest in Northern Europe as a whole lead me to curate a list with these tracks. So, with many warm indie, r&b, and lo-fi vibes sprinkled throughout the playlist, I’m sure many will find this playlist comforting to listen to, just as I do.”


“Honestly, my Spotify holds memories of me as a person, from my development of listening to embarrassing nightcore songs, to hard rock, alternative, punk and indie, jpop, and finally to my current taste of punk indie, folk rock, and love songs. Ultimately, Spotify helped me through high school because it allowed me to connect and express myself through music.”


“This playlist is a mixture of many genres, and characterizes my changing taste in music. My favorite song, “The Stranger” by Billy Joel, reminds me of marching band, as at the end of practice I would always whistle the intro tune (it’s super catchy). Also, its title is shared with my favorite book from AP Lit!”


“The playlist “prom” was one my friends and I made for our junior year prom! I love making collaborative playlists because they provide a great way to discover new music and artists you wouldn’t have otherwise listened to.”

Sophomore Heder Ambriz

American singer and actress, Rebbeca Marie Gomez, known otherwise as Becky G,  has teased a new album by dropping music within the album. A favorite of mine, “NO MIENTEN” begins in a unique way (high pitched guitar sounds with bass). While it’s one of my favorites, it certainly took a few listens to actually begin enjoying the song. Similarly, my friends also thought the same way when I had them listen to the song. Estaphani Cosme, a sophomore student, stated that it wasn’t a bad song, but it would take more listens to actually love the song. The song resonates with me, as it basically talks about how people can change but will always do the same mistakes their accustomed to. Also, it’s a great song to party to: quinceñeras.  As always, the album will surely be a great hit once it’s fully released. 

Freshman Eileen Aviles Cruz

Personally, my favorites always help me vibe a little while doing homework, cleaning, and doing crafts. Overall, this song always puts me in a good mood and has helped me do many things with a mellow and chill vibe.

Senior Alessandra Kelly

A true masterpiece written in the 21st century, “Me in 20 Years” by Moses Sumney illustrates one of the most surreal feelings—extreme numbness. Many have experienced the overwhelming pressure life provides from time to time; yet, others fail to realize the overarching numbness your emotions release over your body. The beauty of the songs not only allows you to perfectly express this numb feeling, but also encourages yourself to look into the depths of your soul and character. Ultimately, the song offered me a cathartic experience, and I hope the song may do the same for others.