Pop Culture Rants 7, 2022

By Madeleine Stiffler and Emma Kidger

While trends amongst celebrities and influencers typically make no sense and popularize everything and anything, recently the newest trend has involved Instagram followings. You may have clicked on your favorite actor or actress’s Instagram profile to dig up dirt on who they follow and who they don’t just to find a big, fat zero above the word “following.” Why do celebrities and influencers even feel the need to try and make themselves look unique or special just by not following anyone on social media? Isn’t the point of social media to follow people? Or better yet, these advanced individuals will even go as far to unfollow anyone they know, and only follow their own brands. We understand that individuals like Comedian John Mulaney use this trend to his comedic advantage by only following the CIA, but does Emma Chamberlain really need the uncreative promotion of only following her own brand and podcast? Why can’t everyone just be like Kris Jenner and put their long list of brand’s accounts in their bio? Even Adele doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram which means this trend has lethally influenced the best of the best. Unfollowing is only meant for people you don’t know, people you don’t want to know, or colleges that rejected you- not for a trend or to promote brands. There truly is no point in this plague-like trend of unfollowing everyone or only following personal brands. Celebrities have really swept to the lowest of the lows to make themselves feel and look better

than everyone else, as if their career title isn’t enough. Not to mention, it’s called social media (emphasis on the social). The whole point of these platforms is to interact and curate a feed to your liking by following accounts that pique one’s interest. Only following one account, or better yet no accounts, is just straight up boring. Consider this a wake up call, celebrities, you’re embarrassing. 

By Avalon Kelly
By Alessandra Kelly

By Alex Gryciuk

Honestly, there’s nothing special about Supreme. The only thing going for it is its extreme price tag and logo, but even those make it incredibly boring.

Firstly, the supreme logo could quite literally be the most unoriginal design ever. It’s just white, boring text on a red box. Not only could the graphic be made by a third grader, but the art lacks anything to be excited about. Wow the font is so cool! No. No serious graphic designer spent time on something that could be made by accident on google slides. Even other brands with simple logos have at least some other graphic design to make it interesting. Gucci has a cool double “G” and Louis Vitton has an interesting “LV.” What does Supreme have? “Supreme” font. That’s it. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot get excited for the most boring logo.

Secondly, Supreme isn’t a designer brand. For one, there’s nothing stylish about any of their clothes. Oftentimes their “designs” include a classic tee shirt, a hoodie, a backpack, and some pants with a bright red “Supreme” on them. How much graphic design or creative genius is funneled into those designs? Little to none. Furthermore, a designer brand exemplifies more than a price tag; designer clothing illustrates

interesting concepts, new fashionable styles that push boundaries, and creative new ways to express oneself. I can confidently say that Supreme is neither creative nor pushes any boundaries with its boring, simple “designs”. So, if all that the brand can offer is boring, regular items, Supreme isn’t a designer brand and therefore shouldn’t be as popular as one.

Thirdly, the high price tag makes the brand not only unattainable, but even more unattractive to consumers. Other brands, sure, also have high price tags, however, if I’m only justifying a purchase solely based on the quality of items, Supreme simply isn’t worth it. But, that’s all I can do with Supreme. I can’t say I like their logo, the type of clothes they sell, or even their brand. Their stupidly expensive prices certainly can’t reflect any sort of fashion sense. Sure, Supreme sells bricks and coffins for extremely high prices; everything they have is not only boring to look at but also too expensive. 

Although their business model is genius, making shocking and regular items for almost nothing and selling them for high prices, I cannot bring myself to love a brand that is so boring and downright stupid. Supreme, you are the dumbest brand.

Page Editor: Alessandra Kelly