Op/Ed, 5, 2022

By Anjali Nayak

It’s almost dystopian. Plastic surgery is something I would find flipping through 1984, or even the Hunger Games. The very concept of being able to rearrange and assemble facial features is an innovation of the future. The question then raises, how does such practice impact the social construct of beauty? Read More

By Nupur Kudapkar

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is a self-replicating material that is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes; it is the carrier of genetic information. It contains the instructions necessary for life (Oxford Languages). When finding evidence as a prosecutor to put a criminal away, your best friend will be DNA evidence because even though the person in question might lie, DNA will not… Read More

By Alex Gryciuk

What does it mean to be a Junior? It seems that nowadays, being a Junior means getting a license, a job, and a heavier workload. However, a shared experience among all Juniors lowers the anticipation and excitement of students: less sleep and burnout are among the most common…Read More

By Sophia Christensen

Decorating for the holidays, I play tunes and always find myself singing and dancing to one of my favorite holiday songs: “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” One morning, as I was singing along to the lyrics in attempted synchrony, I paid closer attention to the words and felt sort of uneasy. I came across others online who too felt uncomfortable with the language of the song… Read More

By Nupur Kudapkar

Over 6 million animals enter the shelter each year and during the holiday season, hundreds of thousands of animals are adopted as “presents” and then given up. Dogs, cats, small pets, reptiles, birds, etc. require 10-50 years of commitment financially and emotionally. Holiday advertising and internet videos make it seem like putting a huge red bow-wearing animal under a Christmas tree while emotional music plays in the background is a terrific idea. However… Read More

By Amelia Lipcsei

Nowadays, most people have heard of NFT’s. Scattered across social media, ingrained in the economy, and encountered by millions, NFT’s have risen to popularity in the blink of an eye. However, many individuals struggle to grasp what an NFT actually is: a digital token. Unlike Bitcoin, NFT’s hold unique properties; only the investor gains ownership to the online work they paid for, which usually consists of videos, digital art, and music… Read More

By Eric Vallen

Imagine this: you’ve been having economic trouble for a while now, and for some unknown reason, you must make several 70 dollar donations in the next month. To where? Oh, just institutions that couldn’t care less about you. Why, you ask? Read More

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