New Staff 2, 2023

Teacher: Alma Cisneros- Iberri

Position: Liason

College: De Anza College & National University

High School: Fremont High School

Years in Education: 25 years

Heroes: Anyone who takes a stand for equality

Gas Station Order: Cherry Coke Slurpee

A Student Needs: To feel accepted

Teacher: Jeff Hufferd

Subject: TM Program

College: San Jose State

High School: Pioneer High School

Years in Education: 18 years

Pet Peeve: Bullying

Favorite Song: “Alive” by Pearl Jam

Ideal Vacation: Taking the Eurail all over Europe

Teacher: Geordie Hamilton

Position: Assistant Principal

College: Ohio State & Stanford

Years in Education: 14 years

Hero: Roald Amundsen

A Student Needs: To be recognized as an individual with their own goals and strengths

A Teacher is: A person who cares about connecting with young people and helping them understand things about the world around them

Teacher: Scott Savory

Subject: Physical Education

College: San Jose State

High School: Cupertino High School

Pet Peeve: When weights are not re-racked in the weight room

Favorite Song: “Renegade” by The Styx

Favorite Meal: Double- double, animal style fries, and a chocolate milkshake from In-N-Out

Gas Station Order: Unsweetened green tea and a protein bar

Teacher: Evie Sanders

Position: TM Special Education Aide

College: West Valley & San Jose State

High School: Branham High School

Heroes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Eleanor Roosevelt

Favorite Song: Anything from Encanto or Hamilton

Favorite Meal: Anything vegetarian

A Teacher is: Empathetic and patient

Teacher: Jenny Kim

Subject: Specialized Academic Instruction in Math

College: Loyola Marymount University

High School: Pinewood High School

Years in Education: 8+ years

Favorite Song: Anything 90’s R&B or Hip Hop

Favorite Meal: Noodle Soup (beef noodle soup, ramen, pho)

A Teacher is: A student’s guide

Teacher: Ladan Soroushian

Subject: Math

College: University of London, Santa Clara University, San Jose State

High School: Davis’s College (in England)

Pet Peeve: Dishonesty

Hero: Mohammad Mosaddegh

A Student Needs: To make mistakes and keep persevering

A Teacher is: There to support and encourage students to grow, learn, and explore

Teacher: Lio Francisco

Subject: Counseling

College: San Jose State (Go Spartans!!)

High School: St. Francis High School

Years in Education: 19 years

Favorite Song: “Sound of the Sea” by Stick Figure

Gas Station Order: Cherry ICEE and hot cheetos

Ideal Vacation: Relaxing and fishing on my island Pico, Azores

Teacher: Dan Cullinan

Subject: Math

College: UC Berkeley

High School: St. Ignatius College Prep

Years in Education: 18 years

Pet Peeve: Phones in class

Ideal Vacation: European antiquities: Rome, Athens, Florence

A Student Needs: Motivation and new ideas

Teacher: Erik Axelsson

Subject: SAI English 1, SAI English 2, and Academic Support

College: UC Los Angeles

High School: Los Gatos High School

Hero: St. Ignatius

Favorite Song: “Marked for Life” by Poison Idea

Ideal Vacation: Cruise on the Danube

A Teacher is: A tough parent

Teacher: Mina Bahernia

Position: IA in Special Education & Substitute Teacher

Heroes: Doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists and the people who make the world a better place to live

Favorite Meal: Veggie Pizza

Years in Education: 18+ years

Pet Peeve: Bullying

Ideal Vacation: Touring Europe

A Student Needs: Love, peace, respect, empathy, and an academic and learning environment

Teacher: Alba Ramans

Position: Bilingual Aide

College: San Jose State

High School: Westmont High School

Hero: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Favorite Song: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

Gas Station Order: Black coffee

Ideal Vacation: 2 weeks in the Riviera Maya (Isla Mujeres)

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