Music 3, 2023

I Love Lana Del Rey!

A unique artist with an incredible voice, Lana Del Rey has a plethora of different songs for everyone to enjoy. I just started listening to her recently, but in the short period of time, I have discovered so many new songs that I love. My personal favorites include “Radio,” “Video Games,” and “Doin’ Time.” The sound of her extraordinary voice paired with slower tempos creates an unparalleled listening experience. So, I’ve made a playlist of my favorites for everyone to enjoy!

Glee Covers: A Guilty Pleasure 

Let’s be honest, no one watches Glee for the plot. Every episode of Glee, cast members give their hand at a song or two, creating beautifully unrealistic standards of a typical high schooler’s vocal range. My personal guilty pleasure, Glee covers are questionably successful; the show has the most entries into the Billboard Hot 100. Yup, Rachel Berry defeated acts such as The Beatles, David Bowie, and Madonna. Before I list my favorite Glee covers, I have one thing to admit. “Don’t Stop Believing,” is not on the list. I’m not sorry. It’s overrated. 

15. “It’s My Life/Confessions Part II”

In hindsight, the episode might be one of the most questionable episodes in the entire series. That is no easy victory. In this Season 1 episode, the Glee kids split into boys vs girls to try and make the mash-up to end all mash-ups. Who knew that Usher and Bon Jovi would blend together so well?

14. “Beauty School Dropout” 

What else can I say? Darren Criss’s voice is buttery, smooth and beautiful. In the most underrated episode of Glee (Yup, I like the “Glease” episode), “Beauty School Dropout” is cheeky, fun, and memorable…

What Are You Listening To?

Diego Aquino (Senior) // Song: “Summer Bummer” by Lana Del Rey // Why do you like that song? // “The song features soft vocals that only Lana Del Ray can pull off. It features a rap quality in the beat that you can’t help but nod your head to.”

Elise Roy (Senior) // Song: “Apple Juice” by Oscar Lang // Why do you like that song? // “He has a really sick voice, it has an amazing tone. The song is also really upbeat and has an alternative feel to it which I really like.” 

Sana Sharma (Senior) // Song: “Cola” by Lana Del Rey // Why do you like that song? // “I guess I like it because I worship Lana Del Rey, and also mainly because of the lyrics. They have an iffy meaning, but my favorite part of the song is the bridge.” 

Mika Shahar (Junior) // Song: “I Feel It Coming” by The Weekend ft. Daft Punk // Why do you like that song? // “I like it because it’s really nostalgic. I recently saw it in concert, and it reminded me of how much I love the song.” 

Sarah Ruebenson (Sophomore)  // Song: “There, There Katie” by Jack’s Mannequin…. 

Page Editor: Amelia Lipcsei