Meet the Press


To welcome back our wonderful staff, we asked them about their goals for the coming year as journalists. Read below to get to know each returning member and learn about their plans for 2020-2021.


Ryan Abbasi

“I want to improve my writing by finding new ways to convey information I am passionate about. I plan to expand my knowledge on topics like politics and global history through research.”

Meriem Cherif

“As a senior this year, I want to experiment as much as I can with my writing in The Shield. I hope to write articles for pages I have not done before, like Entertainment and the Fun and Games page.”

Austin Lin

“I hope to work alongside my friends to make great pages that are fun to read for everyone. I also look forward to making new friends while developing my writing and editing skills.”

Ricky Thompson

“My goal for this year of Journalism is to continue writing about what I am interested in. I aspire to to write about topics I am familiar with in detail and to learn about topics that I am unfamiliar with.”

Ben Wynd

“My goal this year for journalism is to really hone in on developing my writing skills. Since less time will be taken up designing the website, I really hope I can write more engaging articles.”

Sherry Zhang

“My goal for this year in journalism is to publish more articles on topics people are unfamiliar with. In particular, I would like to write more about underrated countries that don’t get as much press.”

Kendyl Brower

“I hope to adapt The Shield to its new platform while still maintaining the essence of the traditional paper. I plan to preserve the fun photoshop elements of previous issues, as well as add new technological aspects.”

Alessandra Kelly

“My goals for journalism this year are to be able to develop my creativity and properly showcase my talents, as well as work on the weaker aspects of my writing. Additionally, I want to ensure everyone’s voices are heard within our school paper.”

Kayla Kim

“I want to grow with my writing in sentence variety while also learning the new method of publishing online. I want to master photo shopping and the new system of The Shield.”

Nick Murray

“This year I look forward to developing my skills with photo shop. I am also interested in the new website we use for The Shield. Most of all, I want to improve my writing and editing skills this year.”

New Members

We are ecstatic to have our team joined by many new students from all grade levels. Wanting to know if they are as excited to join our class as we are to have them, we asked our newcomers what they are looking forward to for this year.

Claire DaQuino

“In journalism, I hope to become more creative with my writing by trying new formats of writing. I’m also excited to learn to express my opinion more in my writing.”

Olivia Merrick

“I’m excited to become a better writer and learn how to write about a variety of topics. I also am planning on learning a bunch of web-design skills, because I currently don’t have any. I’m most excited to work in a collaborative environment and learn from my peers’ experiences.”

Natasha Muller

“I’m looking forward to getting better at my writing skills. I’m also excited to get creative with my writing and learning some web-design skills.”

Hanna Yamato

“Since this is my first time taking journalism, I am really excited to collaborate with others to create an interactive newspaper that will not only be a fun and creative process, but also a great learning experience at the same time.”

Astrid Popovici

“I’m excited to read everyone’s articles this year! And after 3 years of writing articles for The Shield without being in Journalism, I’m looking forward to helping produce the paper.”

Georgia Wyess

“I hope to write an abundance of informative articles and spread a wealth of knowledge through the aid of the shield. To add to my experience, I aspire to meet new people through journalism, as well as acquire new skills and improve my writing.”

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Lindsay Der

“I am excited for journalism journalism this year so I can improve my writing skills. I want to use my new platform to bring attention to issues or current events I feel that are important.

Sophia Christensen

“I am excited to branch out and write about topics that are new to me and expand my knowledge on different topics. I am extremely excited to write about topics that interest me and to get creative with The Shield.

Ian Grosch

“My plans for journalism include a variety of different goals; I want to learn to use Photoshop, improve my writing, and meet new people in class. I am hoping that I can expand my skills of editing on numerous softwares including photoshop.

Emma Kidger

“I am eager to continue the traditions and creativity that comes in our newspaper, even though we don’t have our everyday format. I hope that we are still able to have fun and continue to enjoy the things we write about while becoming stronger writers.”

Barry Hirshfeld

“This year for Journalism I want to improve my writing, write many articles that will be featured in The Shield, and most importantly, have fun. I am most excited to write stories on topics that I am personally interested in, such as basketball and sports in general.”

Emily Burich

“In Journalism, I want to improve my writing and have fun. I also want to meet new people and write stories on many different topics. I am most excited for writing my own stories about things I’m interested in and passionate about.I look forward to being in this class!

Isabella Brady

“I am excited to learn about the personalities and organizations shaping current events. I look forward to this creative learning experience and bringing helpful insights to the community.

Elizabeth Flatley

“This year in journalism I want to get better at writing, learning to enjoy it, not stressing every time I have to write something. Writing shouldn’t be as hard as it is for me, I should find some aspects of it I enjoy.

Christo Hunter

“I am looking forward to a fun with a creative class. I am excited to improve my writing abilities with this class as well. Most importantly, I’m most excited to be able to write about whatever I want instead of being given a set topic to write about.

Julia Kemp

“Learning new things about the world and informing people about important current events are two parts of journalism I am looking forward to. I want to be able to write something that has an effect on someone. “

Amelia Lipcsei

“I am most excited to learn how to use Photoshop and improve my tech abilities! I also am thrilled to be able to raise awareness for topics that I deeply care about through The Shield.”

Jacqui McLean

“In journalism I am most excited to be able to work with new people and learn from them. I hope to be able to learn more about photo shop and new writing techniques.

Olivia Pocat

“This year I am excited to become a better and more creative writer. I would also love to become more familiar with Photoshop and other editing apps. I’m most excited to improve my writing and meet new, fun people.

Sydney York

“Creating fun and educational stories for people to read is something I am eager to do. I also want to become better at writing throughout this year. Lastly, I’m most excited to have fun in this class and for people to enjoy reading The Shield.

Adam Sarsfield

“To create articles I am proud of, become a better writer in general, and read all the articles is something I’m excited for. I also am looking forward to reading Issue 2 specifically and interacting with the people in this class.”

Page Editor: Makenna Adams