Meet the Editors 1, 2023

Welcome! We are The Shield’s senior editors, committed to making all aspects of our newspaper exceptional. In the 2022-2023 school year, we are excited to provide the students of Westmont with a plethora of entertaining and informing articles. We hope that you enjoy scrolling through The Shield, and we hope that you have an amazing school year!

Since sophomore year, Journalism has been one of my favorite classes. Having the ability to write about whatever I want has been incredible. There’s such a variety of topics to write about—-whether it’s global news, poetry, or eats, there’s always something for everyone. I love all of the people that are part of The Shield; you can tell that all of the students in the class are really passionate about what they do, and it shows in every issue we publish. On campus, I’m part of CSF, Westmont Medical Explorers, LIFE Crew, and I play soccer. 

I am so excited to spend my third year of journalism as an editor! With the transition online, I look forward to further exploring the potential of The Shield in a digital format and writing new articles. In addition to journalism, I’m also involved in LIFE Crew, Birthday Friends, and CSF on campus. 

I’m so excited to be an editor this year! I’ve been a part of The Shield since sophomore year, and I’ve seen The Shield transform and grow to become the amazing newspaper that it is today. My favorite thing about journalism is writing about things I’m passionate about and designing pages using Photoshop and WordPress. Along with journalism, I’m involved in the Westmont Dance Team, LIFE Crew, and CSF. I love Westmont and I’m so excited to contribute to The Shield this year!

I’ve been a part of The Shield for 2 years and I’m so excited to be an editor this year.  I’m also involved in basketball, LIFE Crew, and CSF.  Sophomore year online was a struggle, but after junior year, I’m excited for what senior year entails.  I would say my favorite page to work on is Fun & Games because you get to be creative and make crosswords and word searches.

I love The Shield so much and I am so excited to be an editor. Since sophomore year I have seen our newspaper switch to an online version and everyone has adapted wonderfully and continued to make amazing issues every month. At Westmont, I am a part of many activities, including LIFE Crew, tennis, and golf. I love attending football games and rallies and participating in spirit days! 

Page Editor: Julia Kemp