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Agreement Between District and Teachers

By Avalon Kelly

On January 10, only 4 days after the initial enactment of  Working-to-Rule, the Campbell Union High School District and teacher union came to an agreement regarding teacher pay.  The District has promised to compensate the $5000 that was removed from teacher paychecks on schedule, and teachers will also receive a 3% raise on schedule going forward; however, this raise will not be reimbursed retroactively (meaning the teachers will not be paid back the missed raise of the first half of the year as they had previously hoped).  Union Representative Christopher Mock expresses a common worry of teachers: “many of us find it a bit frustrating that the 3% raise is only going forward.”

Looking to the future of the teacher-union relationship, Union Member Bryce Hadley elaborates on his “grave concerns” that rather than attempting to repair the relationship, the district will “continue to exacerbate the antagonism that already exists.”

Despite such concern, many members of the union feel a sense of overall satisfaction with the district’s step in appropriately supporting teachers amidst the modern obstacles of rapid inflation and increased cost of living.  The topic of pay will once again be broached come the end of the school year, at which time the entire contract will end. Mock voices that the union feels “hopeful” that this time the renegotiation “will not stretch out” for such a long period of time.  He also acknowledges that there are “still other things we are trying to push the district on,” and emphasizes his hopes for a staff person hired specifically to work “in the wellness center.”  Explains Mock, “We want the district to support student resources in areas…not specific to the contract…such as mental health.”

For the present moment, though, this agreement represents a “step in the right direction,” both for teacher hopes and district cooperation.

This Day in History

By Cuinn Huber

474: Zeno is crowned the co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire with his son Leo II.

1555: Bishop John Hooper is burned at the stake.

1778: Rhode Island is officially declared a state.

1822: Haiti invades the Dominican Republic.

1825: John Quincy Adams is declared the 6th president of the United States.

1849: The new Roman Republic is officially declared.

1904: Russo-Japanese War comes to end.

1922: Brazil joins the Berne Convention Copyright Treaty.

1942: Music legend and rock-n-roll hall of famer Carole King is born.

1943: The Battle of Guadalcanal ends.

1950: Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy claims that 205 communists have made their way into the U.S. State Department, kicking off the second Red Scare.

1971: Apollo 14 returns to earth.

1991: Lithuania votes to leave the Soviet Union.

2018: Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

2021: Second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump begins in the senate.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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