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The Shield

Issue 3

October 30

By Makenna Adams

1772: James Cook arrives on the ship Resolution in South Africa. Cook is famous for being the first European to discover Hawaii. 

1868: John Menard is the first African American elected to Congress. 

1888: John J Loud patents the ballpoint pen.

1922: Benito Mussolini forms a government in Italy. 

1952: Clarence Birdseye sells first frozen peas. Birdseye co-founded General Seafood Corporation in 1924, which started the entire frozen food industry. 

1987: George Micheal releases his debut album Faith.

2003: Wicked premieres on broadway starring Idina Menzel. 

2011: The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premieres at the Rome Film Festival.

2012: CEO of Walt Disney Co. Bob Iger purchases Lucasfilm Ltd. and its rights for Star Wars and Indianna Jones for $4.05 billion.

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