Homecoming 3, 2024

Hoco court


This year nine incredible and inspiring seniors were chosen through a selective process to be a part of the annual homecoming court.

Homecoming Court:

  • Owen Andersen
  • Chance LaVoie
  • Bryce Corbett
  • Diego Mantelli
  • Keira De Vita
  • Bianca Hayes
  • Bianca Schultz
  • Sasya Reddy
  • Faith Gonia
The court members each had their own walk up songs while being escorted by family members to their seats at the rally. Sophomore Amanda Tran presented a slideshow reintroducing each member with silly fun facts right before the big reveal of the winners!
This year the reveal was done with confetti cannons. Each royal was given one filled with red confetti and the rest of the court was given silver! On the count of three, the cannons were fired!
This mini episode of The Sword features an exclusive conversation with the 2023 – 2024 homecoming royals: Bianca Hayes, Diego Mantelli, and Sasya Reddy. This mostly uncut conversation features the royals experiences concerning homecoming court and a reflection of their time at Westmont High School.

Scroll through to see some of the seniors outfits for their last homecoming ever!