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Teacher of the Year:

By Natasha Muller

Congratulations to David Duarte for being named Teacher of the Year!  He has been an essential individual to the Westmont family for the past 17 years, teaching Agriculture Biology, Veterinary Science, Agriculture Mechanics and Fabrication 1 & 2, Agriculture business and economics, and Agriculture Physics. I asked Mr. Duarte some questions regarding his acknowledgment of being awarded as the Teacher of the year.  

What do you love about teaching here?  

I love my students first, and then I’ve got to go with my fellow teachers.

How do you feel about being selected as teacher of the year? 

Humbled, overly appreciative, and shocked.  I really feel that there are many more teachers more deserving than myself.  

What part of the Westmont farm are you most proud of?  

The students succeed in so many different areas. I have some that really are drawn to the leadership side and become officers, compete in speech contests, and job interview contests, and then we have the other side where students excel in their entrepreneurship projects raising ag products such as plants and animals.  

How did you survive teaching online?  

I was very fortunate to receive my community college/online teaching credential 2 years before the pandemic, so I had a fairly firm grasp on how to construct a class.  

Thank you for all your magnificent contributions to Westmont Mr. Duarte! 

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Article Highlight:

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This Day In History: May 27

By Makenna Adams

1660: Denmark and Sweden end the Second Northern War by signing the Treaty of Copenhagen.

1703: Russian Tsar Peter the Great found Leningrad, Russia (now Saint Petersburg).

1796: James S McLean patents his invention of the piano.

1916: President Woodrow Wilson urges the world to enforce peace amid the carnage of WWI and advocates for a league of nations. 

1933: Walt Disney’s animated short film Three Little Pigs debuts—the film went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Film in 1934. 

1937: Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrians. 

1940: British and Allied forces begin the evacuation of Dunkirk. 

1958: Ernest Green becomes the first African American graduate of Little Rock Central high school in Little Rock, AK. 

2018: South Korean boy band BTS tops the US Billboard 200 chart as the first time k-pop group to do so, with their album Love Yourself: Tear. 

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