Global News 8, 2023

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Civil Unrest Throughout France

A recent appeal by the French parliament increased the legal age of retirement from 62 years old to 64 years old, creating a massive amount of chaos and protest across the country. Many citizens take to the streets demanding a repeal of the increase. The protest has been ongoing since early January and there seems to be no budging by either side of the debate over the legal retirement age.

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War Crimes in Russia

A war crime occurs when a country violates an established international rule of war. These rules include the treaties termed the Geneva Conventions. Certain weapons such as biological warfare and anti-personnel landmines are banned in these treaties. The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine has found sufficient evidence that Vladimir Putin has violated one of these treaties. Thousands of Ukrainian children have reportedly been illegally transferred to Russia

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AI Generated Models

Whether it is on production lines, personal devices or marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) has been implemented in a variety of settings in recent years. However, in assigning yet another role for the intuitive technology, Levi’s, posed a controversial question for consumers: should AI replace individuals in the advertising field?

Claiming aspirations to “diversify” their models, the popular denim brand received criticism for using generated images

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We Love New York… Or Not

When thinking of New York, one specific image always seems to come to mind. Not the Statue of Liberty or Central Park, but the iconic black font with a red heart spelling out “I <3 New York”. This design was developed by Milton Glaser in 1979 to promote tourism and represents the official state slogan of New York. Now, it can be found on almost any product imaginable, from shirts to stuffed animals to license plates. However, New York City officials recently unveiled a new logo with the motto “We <3 New York”…

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Is the Freedom of the First in Jeopardy?

Over 150 million United States citizens use the platform Tik Tok (a video social media platform). What began as back in April of 2014 and purchased by the Chinese company Tik Tok, is a social media platform that reaches practically all across the globe, impacting nearly 835 million users worldwide on the daily. The app exists as a platform where many of its US users exercise their freedom of speech in their content. Crazily, in the past months of 2023 speculation throughout the US government rose…

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