Shark Tank: The Most Successful Scam In History

By Will Caraccio  For 12 action-packed seasons, entrepreneurs from around the globe have flocked to ABC studios with one thing on their minds: making money. Portrayed on television as a golden ticket for entrepreneurial success, the hit-show Shark Tank depicts the trials and tribulations of ambitious business founders as they pitch their creative products toContinue reading “Shark Tank: The Most Successful Scam In History”

The Disappearance of Frank Ocean

By Will Caraccio Frank Ocean has always preferred a life of secrecy to the typical public extravagance associated with fame. After releasing his hit record channel ORANGE in 2012, Ocean was rocketed into global stardom seemingly overnight. Selling over 700,000 copies worldwide, his first album revolutionized the music industry and threw the singer/songwriter into theContinue reading “The Disappearance of Frank Ocean”

Best Podcasts

By Will Caraccio As the modern media culture shifts rapidly toward high-stimulation mediums to attract the short-attention spans of today’s viewers, podcasts have become a welcome escape from the dizzying speed of social media and the world in general. However, with hundreds of podcasts to choose from, covering a broad range of topics and genres,Continue reading “Best Podcasts”