The Price of Profit

By Meriem Cherif Fast fashion, an industry amassing $31.4 billion dollars in 2020, holds infamy for its controversies and mistreatment of workers. With campaigns around the world and documentaries like The True Cost, consumers are no stranger to the exploitation that goes into making their favorite outfit. Luckily, corporations have responded, with many rolling outContinue reading “The Price of Profit”

COVID and Human Plague Cases in Lake Tahoe

By Elizabeth Flatley Lake Tahoe is one of those vacation spots that has activities year-round, making it a popular destination for tourists. During our quarantine, as Californians are looking to get out of their homes, they drive up north to isolate in the peaceful lake of Nevada and California. Although quarantined, tourists defied the CDC’sContinue reading “COVID and Human Plague Cases in Lake Tahoe”

Mask Fashion

By Kendyl Brower  Masks, the new staple in every outfit are more than fashionable accessories. Wearing a mask adds more than just style to your appearance; it adds safety and a notion to your community that you care about your neighbors’ well being. Although these garments mainly provide protection, decorative masks can still be wornContinue reading “Mask Fashion”

Ideal Lineup: SNL Cast

By Madi Zanardelli Saturday Night Live is a late-night live television sketch comedy show composed of some of the most talented and clever comedians both as actors and writers. Through the intense auditions process, involving impressions, standup and possibly a musical performance, candidates are vetted thoroughly and the end result is nothing short of comedicContinue reading “Ideal Lineup: SNL Cast”


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