Protests in Myanmar: A Fight for Democracy

By Sherry Zhang Since February 1, the  day  Myanmar’s  military seized control of the nation, mass protests have been erupting across  the country. As a result, hundreds of people, including children, were killed in the effort to bring back democracy.  Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and is home to over 54 million people. ImperializedContinue reading “Protests in Myanmar: A Fight for Democracy”

U.N. Secretary-General

By Sherry Zhang The United Nations, an international peace-keeping organization, established after World War II, is governed by the Secretary-General, who is described as the “chief administrative officer” in the U.N. Charter. The responsibilities of the Secretary-General include being the public face of the organization and giving directions to the different agencies of the U.N..Continue reading “U.N. Secretary-General”

Amazon River Dolphin: Seducer of the Night

By Sherry Zhang The Amazon river dolphins—otherwise known as the pink river dolphins or “botos”—are freshwater dolphins that reside in the Amazon and Orinoco river basin of South America. In South American culture, the Amazon river dolphins are viewed as mythical creatures and are involved in several legends and myths. In fact, one of theContinue reading “Amazon River Dolphin: Seducer of the Night”

Vienna Shooting

By Sherry Zhang On November 2, a 20-year old man opened fire in central Vienna, killing four unarmed innocents and injuring 22 others. Luckily, before the man could commit any more atrocities, he was quickly shot and killed by the Austrian police. The man, identified by officials as Kujtim Fejzulai, was armed with an automaticContinue reading “Vienna Shooting”

Birds of Paradise

By Sherry Zhang Known for their elaborate mating dances and exquisite colorful feathers, the birds of paradise—not to be confused with the flower bird of paradise—are a family of beautiful birds commonly found in New Guinea and its surrounding islands. Unfortunately, due to human activities and overhunting, the birds of paradise face endangerment; some, theContinue reading “Birds of Paradise”