Shamrock Shake

By Ricky Thompson “Tis the season” has never been more apparent in the year than now. “But Christmas [and any other holidays celebrated in December] is already over,” you say? Well, the Shamrock Shake is a far better gift than any rags received during the “Holiday Season.” Bursting with minty goodness, premium vanilla ice cream,Continue reading “Shamrock Shake”

MIP Candidates

by Ricky Thompson Like any sport, the NBA always has outlying, unexpected players who differentiate themselves from their pasts in breakout years. So far this NBA season, there have been a number of players that have produced outstanding statistics, vastly different from their past seasons. My front runners for the NBA Most Improved Player ofContinue reading “MIP Candidates”

Hipster Huynh

By Ricky Thompson  Andrew Huynh redefines the fashion standard. With his classic styles involving flannels, vans, and those slick khaki colored pants along with his new hit styles, Andrew draws inspiration from all types of fashion. What new styles you ask? Well the Böger collection by Grady Boger of course. Following the example of hisContinue reading “Hipster Huynh”

Winter Watchlist

By Ricky Thompson  In light of the Holiday season, here are some great movies to watch to not lose the winter spirit.  –Home Alone 6.5/10 Unpopular opinion. I didn’t like Home Alone, it’s not really that funny and the main character, Kevin McCallaster, is just annoying. –Elf 8/10 Will Farrell has not lost his appeal.Continue reading “Winter Watchlist”