Three Wishes

By Olivia Merrick From the very first day of my freshman year, I made a promise to myself: to work as diligently as possible throughout my junior year, so that when my senior year arrived, I could devote my time to making incredible memories. Although I have had plenty of opportunities to make magical momentsContinue reading “Three Wishes”

Cor-set Yourself Up For Summer With This Fashion Trend

By Olivia Merrick One of my favorite trends to spike in popularity this year is the re-entry of corsets into mainstream fashion. First making their appearance in fashion in the 1500s, corsets maintained their relevance in fashion through the 1920s, when women first started favoring a natural waist and clothing that allowed them a greaterContinue reading “Cor-set Yourself Up For Summer With This Fashion Trend”

Folklore: The Best Album of Taylor Swift’s Career

By Olivia Merrick It’s been almost six months since Taylor Swift dropped her eighth  studio album, folklore, and calling it the highlight of her outstanding career is an understatement. Swift, who dropped her first studio album at the age of sixteen, has become one of the most prominent and critically acclaimed artists of all time,Continue reading “Folklore: The Best Album of Taylor Swift’s Career”