The Valiant Verma

Name: Gargi Verma Subjects: Chemistry / AP Chemistry Years at Westmont:  8 Years Birthplace: India High School: From Delhi, India College: Delhi University, India (B.S Chemistry) and Western Governors University (Teaching Credential) What makes Westmont great? Students and colleagues who make me feel like a family. What do you enjoy about teaching? Interacting with studentsContinue reading “The Valiant Verma”

The Telfar Trend

By Meriem Cherif  The embossed letter ‘T’ wrapped with a ‘C’ adorns bags, Instagram pages, and fashion editorials everywhere; if you haven’t heard of Telfar, you may be behind.  Telfar is the brainchild of Telfar Clemens, a Liberian-American fashion designer based in Queens. Starting his company in 2005, Clemens captured the essence of New YorkContinue reading “The Telfar Trend”


By Meriem Cherif  Frolicking among the tufts of grass The feline drifts in and out of sight A perfect blend of class and sass With black fur like the darkest night He watches the garden with utmost care To prevent the squirrels from getting near All it takes is his stone cold stare To makeContinue reading “Feline”

Disaster in Kabul

By Meriem Cherif The past year has brought numerous hardships for the people of Afghanistan, especially in the capital city Kabul. Home to over four million people, Kabul has suffered under corrupt regimes, egregious massacres, and now, the pandemic. The troubled history of Kabul began in 1978, after a communist coup killed Prime minister MohammedContinue reading “Disaster in Kabul”